Rotor is a cooperative design practice that investigates the organisation of the material environment.

We develop critical positions through research and design. Besides projects in architecture and interior design, we also produce exhibitions, books, economic models and policy proposals.

Rotor was founded in 2005. Today, a core of about a dozen long-term collaborators sets the agenda of the group. The concrete realisation of our projects is tributary to a more extended network of ad hoc collaborators.

In 2016, the spin-off Rotor Deconstruction was founded as a separate entity. Its mission is to facilitate the reuse of building components.


Ongoing projects

Our team is currently active on several fronts.

Since January 2019, we have launched a major collaborative project aiming at enhancing by +50% the amount of reclaimed building elements being circulated in North-West Europe in 2032. The project will last 3 years. It is funded by Interreg NWE.

The construction works have started at Zinneke's facilities Masui4Ever, a project in which we assist Zinneke to explore the intricate ways to integrate reused construction elements in the context of public tenders.

The first print of our book Déconstruction et réemploi, as part of the BBSM project, was sold out after a few months but new prints were released since then.

Our spin-off Rotor DC is covering the activities related to the deconstruction and the reuse of construction elements. Don’t hesitate to visit the showroom in Anderlecht!


Interreg NWE - FCRBE

Since January 2019, Rotor is leading an Interreg NWE project entitled FCRBE - Facilitating the circulation of reclaimed building elements in Northwestern Europe(...)

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Plateforme Réemploi

Putting the reuse of building elements into the city’s political agenda has been one of Rotor’s tasks since its outset, and this project brings this long-term process one step further by creating a public platform for all actors involved in reuse(...)

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Le bâti bruxellois, source de nouveaux matériaux (BBSM) – Feder 2014-2020

As an applied research project within the framework of the 2014-2020 ERDF program, the BBSM project aims to develop circular processes within the Brussels construction industry(...)

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Vade-mecum for Off-Site Reuse

Legal and practical guidelines for the reclamation of reusable materials from public buildings, September 2015(...)

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Rotor Deconstruction

After almost 10 years of research on the flows of materials in industry and construction, Rotor is proud to launch a spin-off: [Rotor Deconstruction](http://rotordc(...)

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Opalis : an online inventory of the professional sector in salvaged building materials around Brussels(...)

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Analyses of building and demolition waste in Brussels

This study explores the flows of construction & demolition waste in the Brussels region, both upstream (on the construction sites) and downstream (in the waste industry)(...)

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Design and Design Assistance

Pavilion ‘Winter in Antwerpen’ (unbuilt)


For the annual Christmas market in the inner city of Antwerp, the organisation wanted a temporary structure on the Main Square to act as a landmark and a canopy during the event(...)

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Who's Eating the Chinese Mitten Crab

This installation is a singular restaurant. Every month, for the duration of Beaufort, chefs from Bruges and elsewhere will serve a meal here based on edible invasive alien species(...)

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Dekkera is a bar and shop specialized in craft and local beers. Rotor designed a tailored project for this former grocer’s shop at the angle of two streets(...)

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Zinneke, Masui4ever – Feder 2014-2020

In November 2015, Rotor launched a new long-term project with the non-profit organization Zinneke for the renovation of their new facilities at Place Masui in Brussels, a project made possible by an EFRO subvention(...)

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Paris Habitat, Casernes de Reuilly

Paris Habitat invited Rotor to assist with the setup of reuse procedures for different phases of this project to convert former military barracks situated near Paris into social housing(...)

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Parodi bookshop

Antonio Parodi contacted Rotor for his project of library called “LibreBook” with the wish of developing the concept of an interior design using a significant amount of reused materials(...)

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Abattoirs de Bomel

In this project Rotor acted as matchmakers between a building and its occupants. The building was a freshly renovated 1940’s former slaughterhouse, in Bomel, a rather underprivileged neighborhood of Namur(...)

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Lafayette Anticipation

Transformation de bâtiment pour le siège de la Fondation d'entreprise Galeries Lafayette

_"Ce ne sont pas vraiment des espaces(...)

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(Mode & Design Brussels)

Project for a design and fashion Centre in Brussels conceived in a joint team with the architecture office Vplus(...)

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KFDA 2010

For the second year, the KunstenFestivalDesArts has commissioned Rotor to build the headquarters for its yearly festival(...)

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Centredufestivalcentrum KFDA09

Rotor designed an ambitious project for Les Brigittines(...)

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RDF181 was a temporary structure on a wasteland in the centre of Brussels. For a year, it housed Rotor's headquarters as well as occasional exhibitions and meetings(...)

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Da quassù è tutta un’altra cosa / From up here, it’s a whole other story

Forty years ago, a housing development project colonised Pizzo Sella, the central hill of Monte Gallo, north of Palermo(...)

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What's Eating the Chinese Mitten Crab?

If a theatre play were to be written, telling the story of the Anthropocene, who would be the typical protagonists? Man of course loves to see himself centre-stage(...)

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An exhibition on salvaging and reusing building components, held in a spectacular venue: the half-deconstructed performance hall of the Athénée Léonie de Waha, a listed Art-Deco school designed by Jean Moutschen, 1938(...)

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Behind the Green Door

Architecture and the Desire for Sustainability / Oslo Architecture Triennale 2013

_Every so often society experiences a profound shift in its model of perceiving the world(...)

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Leuven, 2012

Exhibition consisting of a series of paintings depicting 15 scenes captured on the territory of Leuven and related to the cities ambitions on sustainable development(...)

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A masterplan has been designed for the docks of Ghent. Some buildings have to disappear while concrete will be poured somewhere else, waterside dwellers will meet new neighbours and yesterday’s practices will make way for current activities(...)

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OMA / Progress

Barbican Art Gallery, London

The exhibition OMA/Progress was the result of a six months investigation during which Rotor had privileged backstage access to OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) ; we made numerous visits to building sites, archives and offices worldwide; and have had free access to project discussions and partner meetings, etc(...)

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Ex Limbo

Fondazione Prada, Milan

Ex limbo, the project presented by Rotor at the Fondazione Prada in Milan, is an investigation of the architectural and scenographic elements realized for the fashion show sets designed by Prada and OMA for more than a decade(...)

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Belgian pavilion at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale

Rotor represented Belgium's French Community at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia(...)

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Deutschland im Herbst

In this project, commissioned by the [Ursula Blickle Foundation](http://www(...)

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Déconstruction et réemploi. Comment faire circuler les éléments de construction

As a result of our researches for the [BBSM project](http://rotordb(...)

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An insert in the October 2017 issue of Volume magazine (#51) summarises the results of the [Studio Deconstruction](http://rotordb(...)

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Behind the Green Door (the book)

A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture through 600 Objects

The book Behind the Green Door is a richly illustrated critical portrait of the concrete consequences and paradoxes of sustainability as a dominating paradigm within architecture and urban planning(...)

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Abitare 353 / Sustainable

A section of this issue of Abitare was guest-edited by Rotor(...)

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Ex Limbo - Exhibition catalog

Fondazione Prada, Milan

Ex Limbo is the publication issued on occasion of the exhibition with the same name at the Fondazione Prada in April 2011(...)

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Usus/Usures (Catalogue)

Etat des lieux - How things stand

This publication emerged from an intensive investigation carried out in Belgium(...)

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